I'm only passing through...
Simply Incredibly
Published on November 27, 2007 By new-age nomad In Misc

If I had a pen, I would write this down.

If my heart was still whole the world might not seem so harsh. Maybe I wouldn't have had to become this.

If I would have kept my mouth closed I might not have given evil a way in.

If my soul hadn't escaped I'd probably hold my chin above my chest and look less like a marionette.

If my hands would stop shaking I'd be able to put my finger on what it is I'm missing.

If I had a spirit, I might be resilient in a way that would save myself...not just fool outsiders.

If I had some new shoes, walking away would seem more of a possibility.

If I had any trust left, I'd try to find someone new, someone real, someone worth me. 

If my eyes could still see, the pain wouldn't make this space seem so small.

If I were still human I might give a shit.


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