I'm only passing through...
An Attempt at Poetry
Published on August 29, 2005 By new-age nomad In Fun destinations

my body remains curled on the mattress

 my screaming thoughts reduced

to moisture on my pillow…

the pillow that's not even mine 


everything in me is running away

 my soul escaped out the front door

 the one I failed to lock


and it got into my car

the one with bumps and bruises

from its owner losing control


then it drove away

down any road it could find

the roads that fear evaporates from

when the Texas sun gets too hot


but I am still here

pleading with God

to help me fight the curse

the one that says

that I’m a coward for not running again


pleading with God

asking Him to yell at me

asking Him to say the words

the words I can't seem to say to myself





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on Aug 29, 2005
Very nice, Trinitie.
on Aug 30, 2005

Thanks, Nicky.


on Sep 06, 2005
well stay a little while and get off that mattresss and work so you feel like somebody!
on Sep 06, 2005
Trinitie tha was a beautiful poem. It did not rhyme, though they all don't have to, it has beautiful content and is just beautiful.
P.S. Check out my new blog!
on Sep 06, 2005
That's very good...I wonder how this one skipped under my radar. Sorry for the delay, and again it is a very good poem.

on Sep 06, 2005

Someone:  That's exactly what I've done!

Kaulani:  Girl, we got some things to talk about!

Zoologist:  Thanks for the encouragment; I need it.


on Sep 13, 2005

that was an awesome poem and i just want to say that i miss you and wish you were here. all those times i could have seen you and i didnt it is all catching up to me now. call me sometime except youll have to call my house number and you can get it from elaina. i hope you are having an okay time and good luck.

love ya,
on Sep 13, 2005
terrific stuff... thank you for allowing me to see some of what is inside you.
on Sep 13, 2005

all those times i could have seen you and i didnt it is all catching up to me now.

Who said I wanted to see you?

i hope you are having an okay time

I'm having a GREAT time!  I have a beautiful boy!

terrific stuff

Thanks, Man (haha, I'm clever), that's means much, coming from you.




on Sep 13, 2005
Hey, you deleted my comment, which makes me think you may have misunderstood the question. Perhaps you would rather not answer. I have found that in poetry, if there is something that is missing in terms of context, etc., it is harder to get a read on the poem. My question was an attempt to understand further.
on Sep 14, 2005

Hey, you deleted my comment, which makes me think you may have misunderstood the question.

WHAT???  I would absolutely never, under any circumstance, delete your comment.  I never saw it!  Please repeat the question.


on Sep 17, 2005
The question was, "where are you?"

on Sep 17, 2005

I'm actually back in Texas.  About a month ago, a bunch of crapola went down with my parents that involved my little sisters well-being, and I had to make a decision:  Do I do what's right or do I keep a relationship with my parents?  You can guess what I chose; needless to say, they hate me now, the girls are in a safe home and are happy, and I had to get away from the dark cloud that follows my "parents" (if that's what you wanna refer to them as).  The only thing that was keeping me in Tennessee was my little sisters.

So, one day, I packed my stuff.  It took me about an hour (I'm a bit of a hippie, so I don't have many belongings), and I got in my car and took off.  I'm living in an apartment and working at Wal-Mart, and I go back to school in the spring.  I tried to get in this semester, but everything was full by the time I arrived.

I'm happy...for now...until I decide life's too much in a particular place again, and decide to flee.

Thanks for asking, and I'm sorry for the initial confusion and the following abrasivness. 



on Sep 17, 2005
thanks for the update, I'm glad you're happy.

One more question, who's pillow are you using in your poem?

on Sep 17, 2005

Oh, I had borrowed pillows from Tenille.  Haha, I reread the first "stanza" and laughed, cuz I sound like I'm sleeping around or something.


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